Rules of Communication

We are pleased if you participate constructively and critically in urban life on the portal page FRANKFURT FRACHT MICH, express your opinion and publish comments.

However, we ask all authors of contributions to observe a few rules and to treat the subjects of discussion seriously and factually. If necessary, we will update the rules. The editors of this platform reserve the right to block contributions or user accounts if the stated rules are severely or repeatedly disregarded.

Be respectful

Always remember to write your posts respectfully if you want to be taken seriously. Stand up for your opinions and interests, but do not offend other participants, addressees at the City of Frankfurt am Main or other people and institutions. Remain objective and argue your case. Before publishing a contribution, always ask yourself whether you would tell what you just wrote to the recipient's face. Insults, threats, swear words, racist, sexist or pornographic remarks as well as other remarks relevant under criminal law are not allowed.

Be aware of the specifics of written communication. Remember that the risk of misunderstanding is particularly high in written communication. Therefore, do not use ambiguous or ironic statements in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Use your anonymity responsibly

Should you choose to stay anonymous on this platform by providing an imaginary name (pseudonym) when registering: Please don't abuse this protection of your privacy, i.e. to impersonate or discredit somebody else. It is therefore not permitted to misuse the identities of third parties. This applies in particular to well-known personalities in the public eye, such as the use of names of well-known politicians, athletes or actors.

Stay on topic

The subject of participation is the content of this website. Refrain from posting off-topic contributions. If your contribution is related to the subject matter, please make sure to reference it in your contribution. Advertising for products or repeated entries with the same content are not permitted.

Do not spread rumours

Always make sure that all information you provide is true before submitting a contribution. It should also be clearly separable what is your personal opinion, what you quote from whom and what are proven facts.

Reuse of content

Comments made by contributors can be re-used under a Creative Commons licence. This licence applies to all content posted by participants when not explicitly stated otherwise. Please cite the username of the contributor as source.

We're looking forward to entering into a digital dialogue with you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via e-mail: frankfurtfragtmich(at)