Project 50%Ecowater

The project is that all the water used for showering and washing hands ends up in an ecotank water tank. After having used the bathroom and done the necessary things (remove excrement and urine from the bathroom), the water that comes out of the eco-tank, not the new water, tyrannizes us in the WC. The tank is closed to prevent the chlorine from evaporating from the shower water, if you can add an extra chlorine tablet every month automatically so as not to change the color of the residual water or have unpleasant odors due to bacteria in the water. Another thing that we have to take into account is that the size of the eco-tank is proportional to consumption. If it is a hotel, you need a bigger one and it is a house for 2 people, it is smaller. The volume of water in the eco-tank is indicated in the bathroom by an electronic panel, the same system as in the car that the level of gasoline in the car, this is how the water level looks... when the water level is below the red minimum, it automatically fills 30% with tap water. The electric pump that pushes the water from the ecotank to the house can be powered by solar or wind energy. This project can save up to 50% of water, which means a reduction in water costs. Member of the Green Political Party of Germany eu Dascalu (I invented this project but I did not patent it because in the past I made an invention for a car and the state did not give me the patent, waste of 12.000,00 euros and time and energy, worse this does not stop me to do good and help the world more.) Greetings

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